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Carreras and Cafiero closed the Global Green Hydrogen Forum in Bariloche

Governor Arabela Carreras together with Chancellor Santiago Cafiero and the CEO of the Swiss organization of the sector GH2, Jonas Moberg closed the Global Green Hydrogen Forum this Friday. This Forum begun yesterday in Bariloche. Industry leaders from around the world attended this meeting. Carreras emphasized the success of the event with a view to a future production and supply at scale of the fuel aimed at mitigating climate change and decarbonizing the planet.

Fecha: 19 de mayo de 2023
The Global Green Hydrogen Forum was a successCrédito: Laura Toso / Government of Río Negro

Carreras thanked Cafiero for his effort to come to the closing of the international event and shared with Moberg the success of the forum that included a great diversity of presentations from the public and private sector. The organization of this meeting was mainly in charge of the Government of Rio Negro and the Green Hydrogen Organization (GH2).

Cafiero mentioned expressions of previous speakers on the great potential that Argentina and Rio Negro have in the production of green hydrogen, and referred to the international context of uncertainty in the world, with serious problems in Europe with supply chains due to the war.

He said that these difficulties are not new but can be traced back decades, mentioning among other critical events for the whole world the financial crisis of 2008, which seriously affected international trade.

He questioned the world's arms race and other problems related to conflicts, and said that agreements between countries to work on the agenda of energy transition and renewable energies have always been in the agenda.

"Today we have to observe climate change with more commitment and we do it in a world in crisis, polarized, which requires the search for alternatives, a controversial world that provides opportunities for countries like ours. And Argentina has a key role to play," he said.

He explained that the country has natural and human resources, citizens, and an outstanding scientific and technological network. In addition, Bariloche has the largest number of scientists per square meter in Latin America.

"That is why we will hold Expo 2027 here, focused on technology and nature, with this most innovative project of green hydrogen, a different approach to the future," he said, referring to the international meeting of countries for which Argentina is postulating Bariloche as the venue.

He mentioned the recurrent Argentine crisis with the peso and the dollar, and said that besides going against climate change and pollution, and in favor of investments and employment, the green hydrogen industry positions the country as an exporter, a provider of foreign currency, and it will promote the development for the entire population.

"Green hydrogen is strategic for us, necessary, and it will be unforgivable if we don't do it," he said.

Moberg shared with the Governor the happiness for the achievement of the forum, with the quality of the presentations of executives, scientists, public officials and other actors of the hydrogen industry.

He welcomed the "determination" expressed by the Secretary of Energy Flavia Royón and Cafiero himself regarding the submission to the Presidency of the draft law for the regulatory framework of this industry, demanded since last year by the public and private sectors, urging everyone to "change the way of doing things".

He strongly emphasized the work between the Government of Río Negro and the GH2 organization to move forward together with these changes and pointed out: "we have to realize that together we have the solutions and we must make them work for everyone".

"Argentina has a great opportunity with green hydrogen and points out the intention to put here an absolute priority; the country will follow this route and will do it strongly. Now, the work on the standards will show the best way to follow," he said.

He added that the country and the companies must also work with financial institutions to make the projects a reality and predicted that in 2027 "we will meet here again when all this is taking off".

The Global Green Hydrogen Forum took place between Thursday and Friday at the Llao Llao hotel and exceeded expectations. Representatives from the European Union, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Korea, Iceland, United States, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Guatemala were present.

Important international companies such as CWP Global, CAF, Y-Tec, Siemens, Fichtner, Pan American Energy, Acindar, VMC, PREAR and PTX; and institutions committed to the global green agenda such as the International Renewable Energy Agency, the Fraunhofer Institute, INVAP, Fundación Bariloche, CONICET, CNEA, CEARE, IRAM, and Giz were present.

The forum also received strong support from YPF, Banco Patagonia, Genneia, Toyota, Abo Wind, Shell and Fortescue Future Industries, the latter installed in the province of Río Negro with an ongoing project to produce green hydrogen, which will require an investment of 8,400 million dollars.

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